Respect your colleagues

Hey Lovelies!

R E S P E C T is a key aspect of any good relationship, whether it be personal or professional. How can you take someone seriously if you do not respect them? Well, you can’t – not really.

So, what is respect?

Respect Definition
It’s a tough gig trying to show someone your respect if they are not willing to receive it, however that does not mean you should stoop to their level. Rise above the crap and show your respect, as frustrating as it may seem.

These are your colleagues and you’re all in this together. It doesn’t matter if they are the starting position in the business, on a different pay grade or if they are your friend – everyone deserves your respect. And trust me, it will be worth it.

Unfortunately disrespect in the workplace is not uncommon and can often lead to good employees leaving their jobs. In many cases it isn’t intentional and they aren’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings and could just be that they don’t see how it is having a negative impact . It’s a shame to know that most people don’t realise that they are being disrespectful. Identifying this is key to overcoming it.

When I started my first (real) job, I was 17 and I worked my way through all the different jobs and became the “it” girl at work. You needed something done? Sarah. I was the one who either did it, or got it done. One day my direct supervisor and office manager started to teach me everything about his job, while I queried why I wasn’t complaining as I loved how I was so needed. Learning more meant I was getting somewhere and would mean I could be open for advancement in my job.

Not long after, he up and quit. Now it all made sense, and I was the only one who could do the work.

By this time I was 18, I look back now and think how young I was but at the time I thought to myself “this is it, this is my chance to progress. I can be the office manager”. Well, unfortunately it didn’t go that way. Someone else was employed from a different department to become the office manager. I was furious! As a young and inexperienced girl would be. I could not comprehend why I was not put in the position. I had to teach my new manager the entire job. Because of this, I didn’t respect my supervisor and it literally spoiled my work life – all because I let it. I ended up moving on from this job because it was so tainted by that experience.

It’s amazing how it all works, I look back now and think “gosh Sarah, you are such an idiot!” and knowing what I know now, I would certainly handle it differently. But I am who I am now because of this experience, and so many others. So I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s not all black and white, but it’s also not rocket science. Learn how to avoid being disrespectful and reduce the potential for conflict and a negative environment, boost the office moral and staff attitude, and earn respect in return.

I have some tips coming soon on what to and what not to do when it comes to respect! Will keep you posted when they are up! Show em what you got ladies.

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