Yelling… In the workplace

Y E L L,   S C R E A M,   S H O U T…
Is there a place for this in the work environment?

Hey Lovelies

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of yelling… anywhere. But more so in the workplace. Unfortunately, I have both yelled and been yelled at. Not my best moments

I will never forget when one of my staff was just going off at me. We had an open plan office, so my desk was surrounded by about 6 others all filled with staff. Some of my team, and some of another team. Unfortunately it was over something that was misinterpreted by the team member, and thankfully we sorted it out shortly after the yelling. I am a super understanding person but yelling at anyone, especially your supervisor, is just unacceptable. It’s pure disrespect and creates an unnecessary disruption to the rest of the office

It’s important not to let things get even further out of hand than they already are. I asked her to stop yelling, and if we could discuss her concerns in the boardroom in private. Fortunately she headed straight to the boardroom, unfortunately the yelling didn’t stop yet. The biggest point was that I remained calm the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, it pissed me off immensely that I was being yelled at in front of everyone, but in my position things like that should not get in the way (as hard as it may seem!)


I asked her about her concerns and went in to the specifics so we could get it resolved. We identified what was troubling her, and sorted it out quite quickly by discussing the true intentions and topic that was in an email. Ahhh I hear you say. Yes, emails can often be misinterpreted. That topic is for another day! While I was quick to resolve the issue, it was addressed at how she handled the situation. I am a very approachable person and always encourage my staff to discuss things with me to avoid issues like this

So, if you are the one yelling. Please don’t. It is going to get you nowhere good, very fast. There are so many more appropriate and effective ways to address and resolve your concerns. Chat to the person you are having issues with, or if that isn’t an option talk it out with your supervisor or their supervisor for strategies on how to overcome the situation

If you are the one being yelled at. Don’t react. Stay calm, and take it in to a private room or outside. Find out the real issue, and address that. Don’t forget to address the actual yelling as well – appropriately. It might be that they don’t feel you are approachable, or that they just went off the rails. Whatever the reason, listen first. Don’t over react due to being pissed off or angry. If you aren’t able to handle it the right way at that time because you are frustrated or angry then give yourself a small break and time to cool off before handling it so you have a clear head

Either way, good luck to you my lovelies!

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