Question 1/31: Tell me about yourself

Hey Lovelies!

So this is the first of 31 questions for each day of August! This is to prepare you for the most commonly asked questions in interviews. Show them what’s up and score the job!

The question I am starting with is often what interviewers lead with to break the ice and get you talking at the beginning of an interview.

Tell me about yourself

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Until you are on the spot, and think “Gee I don’t know, what do you wanna know?”. Doesn’t sound so professional does it?

This is one question that stumps people even though you know yourself better than anyone else. Being that this is the first thing you are going to discuss it will be a BIG part of your first impression. 

This is your opportunity to show them who you are as a person, but also a chance for them to identify whether your personality will fit in to the company culture and environment. It is also an opportunity to build rapport with your interviewer.

Don’t blab on for too long, it may come across as self absorbed. This answer needs balance. Balance between a little about you – your present, past & future. I would start with you now, a quick touch on your life and your hobbies, then go back to your past such as studies and achievements, then forward to what you wish to achieve in the future if you like. I wouldn’t discuss things that are totally irrelevant for them in too much detail. 

One interview I had this lovely girl was so nervous, it was showing big time. I felt for her. Interviews are scary! We like to make the environment as comfortable and NOT daunting but you just can’t help the nerves kicking in sometimes. When we asked her to tell us about herself, she didn’t quite know what to say so turned to her pet dog and actually got out her phone to show us photos. While it was a sweet gesture, it is totally irrelevant to the interview and job – so as much as we would love to see images of your pets – leave that to once you have scored the job! 

Some like when you focus solely on yourself, being the question was about you as a person. Some like when you focus on you and the position. I myself prefer this answer to relate just to you and not about the position. At this point I feel you haven’t learned enough about the company to sell how you might fit in to their culture. 

I have prepared a quick example answer, but obviously everyone’s will be different! Make it your own, be creative and most of all be yourself. 

Tell me about yourself - Blog Image

Prepare yourself for the question – make some small dot points on yourself so you don’t lose track of what you wanted to say. Be confident in what you are saying, after all this is all about you – and your first impression. If you aren’t sure about yourself, what else could you be unsure of? How can we trust you to be confident in dealing with clients or staff, if you aren’t confident in yourself?

Crazy isn’t it? Just how much people read in to what you say, how you say it & your body language. It all plays a part, so the more prepared and confident you are the better. Just don’t be soooo over confident that it comes across as cocky or snobby. You will find your balance, and it doesn’t hurt to have a heap of interviews – the best experience is doing! Learn from your experiences.

Good luck lovelies, maybe you can share your interview experiences with me!

Blog Cover_ Love Sarah xxx


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