Question 2/31: What do you know about our business?

Hey Lovelies!

Day 2 with question 2! Kicking this one off with one that is often asked in the early stages of the interview to see how much you have prepared and what you have been able to find out about their business. 

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Firstly, this question is of utmost importance to a successful interview. Why? Because if you didn’t bother to find out anything about the business where is your motivation? Where is your drive? Why should we employ you if you don’t make an effort to find out about the business you “want” to work at?

Whether you have applied for a tonne of jobs or you have specifically applied for this one alone doesn’t matter – if you want to be successful in your interviews what really stands out is being prepared, in all aspects. You will hear me say this time and time again throughout the questions this month. Because it is KEY. The more you know, the more impressed they will be. 

So to start with, do your research ladies!

It was always frustrating when I would hold interviews and when asked this question I would get an array of different answers – mostly irrelevant or incorrect guesses. Before I learned just how important the answers are when I used to attend interviews I didn’t always research the company either and it brought me unstuck and probably lost me quite a few golden opportunities. 

The website is a great place to start if there is one. They usually cover a lot of what they do and what the business is all about on here. It might also cover their services or products and their team or staff. All of this is great information. Jot down your notes so you don’t forget or get something wrong. It’s great to make the effort, but could have a negative affect if you get things majorly wrong. 

Find out what the business does. If you can, find out WHY they do it. Check out their social media, especially LinkedIn if they have it. You can get a great perspective of their brand and image this way.

Look up reviews, this could be on Facebook, Google or even their website. See what people are saying about them. This will help identify for you whether they are a good company or not – just don’t forget that not all reviews are truth. 

You don’t have to tell them you went to all this effort, it will certainly be obvious with how you answer. One thing I love is when someone quotes something, for example a line on a website or a quote the boss says. Knowing names and positions is a great one too.

I always tried my best to find out what I could about the interviewer as well as the company, for example LinkedIn might show they are the Post Settlement Manager for 18 months, so a good move would be to highlight your knowledge of this, e.g.

What do you know about our business - blog image 3

This shows your motivation and drive for the position (if you do your research). If you haven’t bothered, it can come across as though you couldn’t care about the business and you just want a job. If that’s the case, fair enough – but it could mean you’re less likely to be considered for the job.

Once you have all your research done and it’s interview time make sure you are ready and you have your notes down fully prepped.

You got this girl. Show em how it’s done!

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