Question 4/31: What are your strengths?

Hey Lovelies!

This post follows on from yesterday’s – these two questions go hand in hand. Yesterday I talked about weaknesses. Today? Strengths!

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We covered your weaknesses, so now what about your strengths? A lot of the time you might know what your strengths are which is great! You should feel confident in yourself and how you answer if you know this already. If you aren’t sure, or still don’t know how to answer this question it’s fairly similar to your weaknesses. 

Your interviewer is trying to identify your key skill(s) and point of difference from other candidates, that your strengths align with those required for the position and that you can own this position. This question gives you the opportunity to shine and stand out from the crowd. 

Steer clear from using words such as think, probably, maybe, etc. These are all vague and unspecific terms. Don’t walk in to an interview not knowing what you are going to say and how you are going to say it, even if you have to write it down or dot points as a reminder. Preparation will give you more confidence and give you the time to think of the right way to answer the question. 

Be specific.

                       Be confident.

                                                   Be yourself

Before you can answer this question you need to identify what your strength(s) are. You might not even realise just how valuable one or more of your skills may be! Assess yourself, a good place to start is what you enjoy doing – not always, but often we don’t do things well unless we enjoy it. So… what do you enjoy most about your job? What do you get excited about? Start there. 

Get out a notepad and pen, or your computer! Start asking yourself some questions:

Strengths - Questions blog imageThese are just a few to get you started, get your mind working. Ask yourself as many questions as you can think of. Write it all down, see what you come up with. 

Ask your friends, family, colleagues. Find out what they think you are good at, what your skills are and what your strengths are. Don’t worry if they can’t answer, remember – you don’t know yourself so they might not either – but it’s a good way to find out something you might not see in yourself!

Now you have identified one or more strengths, time to put it in to words! You want to answer this one positively so don’t have any negative words or statements in your response. You need to find a balance in being confident, but not snobby or too over the top. Write it down, preparation is key (yes, I know. I say this in every. single. post). If you don’t prepare yourself, you may be walking down the path of self sabotage. Yes – something so simple can have a huge impact. 

It’s a good idea to not only give an answer to what your strength(s) are, but to also provide an example. It’s the worse when you smash this answer then aren’t prepared if they follow up with: “can you give us an example?”

Remember that an interview is selling yourself to the business and the position that you are applying for so believe in yourself and don’t hesitate – because if you do then they will too.

You scored the interview, now time to score the job! Good luck, lovelies!

Blog Cover_ Love Sarah xxx



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