Question 5/31: What motivates you?

Hey Lovelies!

I am so curious about what motivates people! To see and hear what drives them, inspires them and makes them happy. It’s so different for everyone, and it sets the stage for how you will achieve job satisfaction or achieve your goals.

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This one can quite easily catch you off guard, especially if you have never really thought about it before. Before you can answer this firstly you need to know how to answer it. 

Look back on the times or days where you were happy, excited, accomplished and had something to share with someone. These times are likely going to help you identify what it is that gets you excited and motivates you! 

I am motivated by a few things like client satisfaction, recognition of good work, achieving goals/targets, helping people and of course – money! They don’t have to be big things to be a good motivator, and you don’t have to be motivated by the same things as everyone else.

About 7 years ago I had a new office manager start who I now reported to. We didn’t have much management at the time as it was a small business, so this was a big shock to suddenly have all these rules and policies to adhere to from someone new. I learned a lot from this person, including what motivates me. I had files coming in left, right & center that I needed to work on and felt like I was getting overwhelmed. My manager could see this, but needed the work to be completed. Knowing how much I love top deck chocolate (thank you, Cadbury!) he told me if I completed 10 files that day he would buy me a block of it. Guess what? I finished them 10 files. I got my block of chocolate. I felt amazing! I had accomplished the goal that was set in front of me. It wasn’t the chocolate, it was the drive to finish the target that I was given. It was exciting! And fun.

This taught me a great lesson about how I could better manage myself and my work, and also how to help others in the future if I were in the same position my manager was in. 

Did you think of money while we were talking about this? Probably. Most people are certainly motivated by money – how else do we pay our bills! However, bringing money in to this answer probably isn’t the best idea. If you are applying for a commission based or sales type role it may be more relevant to mention it, but just be mindful of it. We all know the importance of money, so focus on the other motivators.

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Is it learning new things? Achieving goals or targets? Recognition for your work? Client satisfaction for how you helped them? Are you driven by deadlines? To work in a team? To gain more responsibilities? 

This answer not only needs to be honest, but also job specific. If you are in a position that doesn’t deal with clients but you tell them you are motivated by client satisfaction then maybe this isn’t the job for you. Well, that’s what your interviewer is likely thinking anyway. Try to keep it relevant to the position or about yourself, such as results or self satisfaction. 

Write it down, even in dot points, to keep you on point when asked. If you sound unsure or not confident in your answer it may seem as though you don’t really know and therefore aren’t answering truthfully. Ultimately, you and your interviewer need to identify if you will fit in to their business and the job. It’s equally as important for them as it is for you, to ensure you will be happy and get the job satisfaction you deserve. 

Good luck lovelies!! 

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