Question 6/31: How would your friends and colleagues describe you?

Hey Lovelies!

So this one isn’t as common as others so far but still asked fairly frequently. 

This question gives insight in to who you are as a person from someone else’s perspective. And not just anyone else, but people who know you. Would they describe you the same way you would describe yourself? Maybe, maybe not. 

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I find this question can be a tough one and can catch candidates off guard because it’s not something you may have thought of before. 

Preparation for this one is super important, especially if your interviewer contacts your references and what they say doesn’t quite match the picture you’ve drawn of yourself. And that could be quite problematic! So honesty plays a big part here, keep your answer on point with the truth and you’ll be fine. 

The first place I’d start is by asking your friends and colleagues! Since this question is how they see you, best to find out beforehand. Another way could be to check out your past performance reviews or meetings & training sessions where feedback has been given. See what positive notations stand out.

Are you hard working? How is your attention to detail? Are you a great motivator? Do you work well in a team? Are you a good listener? Are you quick to help others? 

There’s no one answer that fits all here. The aim is to show your interviewer a side of you that others see, that they will see if you get the job. Be positive, don’t speak negatively of colleagues or friends or what they might say. Find balance in your answer – it’s best to show that you aren’t always perfect but you always do your best. 

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It’s quite a good exercise, regardless of an interview. You might find out qualities you didn’t realise you had or weren’t confident were known by others around you. You might find there are areas you might need improvement in, and that’s ok! 

Hopefully you learn something about yourself that you weren’t aware of before! 

Blog Cover_ Love Sarah xxx


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