Question 7/31: Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

Hey Lovelies,

This question is a double edged sword! If you answer one or the other, you might shoot yourself in the foot. Time to get creative and a little bit clever in your answer.

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Start off by identifying whether the position you are applying for is strongly based around working in a team or working on your own. This can help tailor your answer, but be careful not too choose one over the other as it may impact future progression opportunities – you don’t want to get passed over because you told someone in an interview that you don’t work well in a team!

Are you applying for a job that requires you to have little interaction with other staff? To work a different shift where there is few or no other employees around? To work independently but in a customer service team? Or to work as a team on projects, collaborating together to get the work done?

Whatever job you are applying for, I strongly recommend demonstrating how you can both work independently and in a team. 

I myself prefer to work on my own independently of others, but not because I am anti-social or don’t work well in a team. It’s purely because there is less distraction and I am far more productive with getting my work done when I work on my own.

I see so many pros and cons to each, working alone could mean less staff interaction and less opportunity for people to see your potential. Working in a team could mean less productivity and sharing the rewards and results. It’s ok to mention what you prefer and why, but don’t discount the latter.

This answer is all about balance, why do you prefer one over the other & how does it fit in to the role you are applying for? 

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By giving a balanced answer instead of choosing one over the other you are an ideal candidate. When I look at employing someone, I don’t just look at them today. I look at their potential for future progression. Can they work in a team and on their own? Do they need supervision and to have their hand held, or do they not work well with others? All of this plays a big part in your potential future within the business you are applying for a job with. Set yourself up for the long haul, not just the today and the right now.

Find what works for you, lovelies!

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