Question 8/31: Why this job?

Hey Lovelies,

Why this job? Here the interviewer wants to get a sense of who you are, how you could handle the job, if you are the right fit for their company, how their company fits in to your career plan and how well you will perform in the job.

Whaaaat? All that from this question? Well… yeah!

Why you want a job is one thing, but why you want this job is another. Obviously most people need a job because they have bills to pay, but you could get ANY job. So why this job?

Here, answering this question, is a great opportunity to show you are the right person for the job. You want to show how your skills match the requirements of the job, how your enthusiasm shows your motivation to get the job done, and how you fit the company culture. 

Start by doing a little research on the company and the position you are applying for. Identify what stood out about this job from the others, why did you apply for this one and not another one that you saw? Obviously something fit, otherwise you wouldn’t have applied. So what stood out for you? Was it:


It’s also a good idea to see not only how the company stood out to you, but how you can stand out to the company – get ahead of the game, stand out from the other candidates. What can you bring to the table that other candidates can’t? 

Are there any skills or experience you can bring in to their business? Maybe you saved your last company a tonne of money, or you brought on one of the top tiered clients, or perhaps your customer services skills are so stellar that you have rave reviews from clients. Finding something unique about yourself can show your interviewer that you are an ideal and unique candidate. One they want to hire!

I want to be a pillar in a growing company. One to provide support for the long haul that will compliment your business with my 12 years experience in marketing and my extensive knowledge given my versatile skills. I believe your company has the growth and success that I am looking for, and I believe I have the experience and skills your company is looking for.

Don’t generalise your answer or wing it, trust me! You want to prepare yourself. Not understanding enough about the business and the position could lead to you being overlooked. Show your enthusiasm and care about your answer and their business. Don’t speak poorly of previous work either, if you are coming to this job because you are unhappy with your last workplace it’s always best to keep a positive spin on it instead of a negative one. Don’t burn your bridges!

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I would be proud to work for Melbourne’s leading Real Estate firm. The company values and brand truly resonates with who I am. I believe I can not only help the company achieve, but the company can also help me achieve. My last firm was a great stepping stone for me, I learned a lot & I look forward to what the next step has in store for me.

Always be positive, keeping in line with their company brand and values is important too. Show them you know their business and that you are the right person for the job. 

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