Question 9/31: Why should we hire you?

Hey Lovelies,

This question… Amiright? Why should you hire me? Well, because I am awesome – duh! Sorry babes, while I honestly believe you are awesome it’s not quite the answer they are looking for! 

Unless you want to walk away empty handed, make sure you think ahead and prepare yourself for this one. You might be applying for a job where they sell products or services, but right now it’s your turn to sell yourself. 

It’s best to keep away from any sarcasm with this one. This can be a hard one because everyone wants and needs a job, well most of us anyway. Time to think out of the square and show them why YOU are the right person for the job and how you will work better than their other candidates.

Why should we hire you - blog image 2

Do you have certain skills or experience suited to do the job? If you show them you are the solution to their needs, then BAM you got them right where you want them. 

Take some time to read over and understand the job description. What requirements have they listed? What traits, skills and experience are they seeking? Once you know this, you can identify what you have that fits these requirements. Don’t stop there, if you know more about the company’s culture, products/services or growth plans and you can add more value in some way I recommend incorporating that in to your answer too.

It’s a great time to get examples together as well, they can go along way in showing them your skills instead of just telling them. Having examples or a quick story is something that can make you more memorable than other candidates that just answer the question. 

Blog image

Another creative path to go down is, why they shouldn’t hire you. Wait, what? Yeah! Why they shouldn’t. 

You shouldn’t hire me if you want someone to just do the job put in front of them. I am someone who not only does the job, but goes above and beyond for the betterment of the team, the client and the business. 

Personally, I love the creative and out of the box thinking. Show me how unique you are, and make me remember you by your answer. 

Go get em, lovelies! 

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