Question 11/31: What do you like most about yourself?

Hey Lovelies,

This is so much more than just an interview question and is more of a journey to self discovery. Time to look in to yourself, because it can be so hard to see yourself the way others do and to find the good things about yourself. Trust me, they are there. You are special, and it’s time to realise just how great you are!

You might think, well why does it matter what I like about myself? It should only matter in the interview what you like about me… well, not really! This question is more of a personal one than professional, it’s not really about your workplace strengths. 

What are your values?
Your morals?
What are your personality traits?
Are you compassionate?
Are you a great listener, or perhaps a great mentor?
Are you honest?
Are you trustworthy?
Are you always looking at the positive, glass half full mentality?
Do you focus on the solution, not the problem?
Are you approachable?
Are you creative & playful?
Do you take ownership, or not pass blame

It’s good to fit your answer in to the position you are applying for, so long as it’s true. For example, if you are someone like a therapist or doctor – compassion and your ability to listen are great traits to have. If you are in sales, then being a people person and trustworthy are great traits. If you are in marketing then creativity and playful these are great traits. 

Find your best traits! Ask your friends, family, colleagues. What do they think? Do you agree with them? Do you think of something else? Jot it down, take some time to reflect. Not only is this preparing you for your answer, but it’s also a learning curve about yourself. It’s actually a really cool exercise – even if you aren’t going for an interview!

Learn to love what you do, by knowing what you like and enjoy. 

Are you creative and playful, but you are working somewhere or in a position where your creativity is limited? Are you approachable, friendly & a great listener – but you are in a job where you don’t have client or staff interaction?

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I would answer this question like this:

I really like how I care about people and what I can do to help them, or just make their day better. I am a lot like my dad, he always tries his best to put everyone else first and he inspires me to do the same. I try not to forget to do things for myself too, but I genuinely love seeing other people achieve or being happy – and if I contributed in any way that’s even better. 

I hope you learn to love everything about yourselves, lovelies!




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