Question 14/31: How would you describe your current boss?

Hey Lovelies,

Now this ladies is a strategic question, and it could be a loaded gun ready to end your chances at landing the job so be careful!

Your interviewer is working you here, they want to see how you handle authority and what your behaviour towards it is. We don’t always like or get along with our managers and employers, but this is certainly not the time to air your grievances! It will lead your potential employer to doubt your ability to take direction, raise concerns about your attitude towards authority and identify that you might not work well with others.

What you want to do is leave a lasting impression that you can handle authority and take direction well, you can work with others – including superiors, and you don’t have any attitude problems. 

Now is not the time to be negative or disrespectful of previous employers or management. This is the time to reflect on the good, the positive. Show them how you CAN work in a team, how you CAN take direction, how you CAN listen and appreciate authority. Show them you are the right person for the job and that you will fit in to their environment without any need for concern. 

You might not agree with how your boss handles their job, they might be unapproachable, disrespectful, rude and just not a good boss! And if this is the case it can be difficult to answer this question, but you can. 

You might have learned from your last boss how you WOULDNT handle relationships with staff and clients, but if you word it the right way that won’t be evident in your answer – but you are being honest at the same time:

E.g. We might not have taken the same route to achieve the goal at hand, but Maria always put the business and clients first. I learned a lot from her in regards to the importance of client relationships and maintaining them, as well as internal relationships between colleagues. 

Now, if your boss is amazing and super easy to work with then you don’t have an issue finding a way to answer this one. I would just be mindful not to toot their horn TOO much, otherwise it will lead your interviewer to question why you are leaving if the environment and relationship were so good. 

Hopefully your next boss is AMAZING, and you have the best working relationship! Makes work life a bit more enjoyable, right?! 



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