Question 15/31: What stood out about this position?

Hey Lovelies,

This question doesn’t always come up, but best not to be caught off guard if it does! You want to make sure you can answer this one well so you can show and prove you know what you’re doing.

Your interviewer is trying to catch you off guard, they want to cut back on candidates that are not going to fit in to their business. Don’t let yourself be taken off the short list because you weren’t prepared. 

You want to show your prospective employer how you work under pressure or in difficult situations. The best way to do that is to think on your feet, prepare where you can and do your best.

Experience is a great tool, you know the phrase you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince?

Same goes with everything else. Going to a few interviews before the one you really want is great experience and practice. Curb those nerves! 

Was there something in particular that made you apply for this position over many other job listings? Was it the job ad itself, what the job offers, the company culture? Maybe there were a few things. Perhaps the location was ideal, or its the position you’ve been working towards so far. Take some time to identify what it was that made you click the apply button on their job ad. 

Don’t go in to the interview with an off the cuff answer or with an answer about money. Your prospective employer doesn’t want to know you are only in it for the money. Show them your potential, your ability to stand out from the crowd. 

Its a good idea to not only answer what stood out to you, but how you can fit in to the business because of how it stood out to you.

E.g. After reading the job ad, the position seemed like a great fit for me, for what I have been looking for in a career. So when I began researching the business it was abundantly clear that helping people is important to your company, to your staff. It’s important to me and that’s ultimately what drove me to apply for the position, so I can be apart of something great to help people. 

I hope you find a job that really stands out to you, and one that you stand out to!



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