Question 16/31: Walk me through your resume

Hey Lovelies,

So this doesn’t quite sound like a question does it, more like a statement… but it still requires a response. I have never been asked this question, nor have I asked it – not in this sense anyway.

As an interviewer I always prepare myself before an interview by thoroughly reading through the cover letter, resume and references. I would prepare my individual questions based on the applicant and their resume, background, previous work and experience, how they applied, etc. so there was no need to ask this.

For those that do ask this though, and best be prepared just in case, keep reading!

What your interviewer wants is a quick run down of your past work and experience, not a novel about it. Think – movie trailer. It shows insight in to the best parts of the movie to reel you in without showing the bad parts and keeps you wanting more.

Touch on each part of your resume, outline why each part was important and a brief explanation as to what you learnt or how it got you to where you are today. Each part of your resume is a stepping stone to where you are today, here applying for this position. Provide a well rounded image of who you are and why you are the right candidate for the job and company.

This would be the time to study your resume, you don’t want to sound unsure or have to check what is written down on your resume to answer the question. This might make it seem as though it is not true or at least “inflated” to the truth.

Have some examples or stories for each part of your resume as well. I’ve said it before, stories can make you a memorable candidate. Keep it short and sweet, to the point and relevant to the job you are applying for.

This answer doesn’t have to solely be based on your professional life, I think it’s important to touch on your personal life as well. What your interests are, hobbies or personal development. Show who you are, not just who you are as a professional. 

It’s important here not to go on and on, keep it simple. They want to know as much as they can in as little time as possible. They have a tonne of people to interview and the whole process is quite long and grueling, oh and expensive!

It’s also important to go through your resume in the order you have prepared it, it should be easy to follow as you talk so they can refer to your resume accordingly. Don’t jump from one part to the other, gets quite confusing and it might lead them to not hear things while trying to keep up.

Be yourself, show them who you are!



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