Question 19/31: Would you work weekends or holidays?

Hey Lovelies,

Sometimes a business needs to operate on an unusual schedule that could lead to work outside the normal 9-5. Obviously a job that requires travel or other is likely to include work outside of the usual hours but when applying for a job in an office where the hours are 9-5 that doesn’t always mean that the need doesn’t arise at one point or another.

For me job it’s almost entirely doable in the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00pm, sometimes I get busy and need to start earlier and finish later to make sure things are getting done – that’s just a part of life and I am happy to do so to help my career, help the clients in need and help the business be successful. 

Other times I have had to travel and work weekends, public holidays, etc. At one point we were so busy with events that I worked 21 days straight helping my dad in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth at some expo/home shows but still had to maintain my actual position in the business during the week.

It was a challenge, but one I took on willingly and excited at the experience and opportunities to learn and grow.

I suggest if you are not open to working outside of your typical hours then certainly don’t apply for jobs that clearly require this of you. If you are applying for a typical 9-5 job – I suggest being open to the thought of extra hours every once in a while. If the opportunity comes up it can be a gold star against your name when it comes to future progression and recognition. 

I would recommend you always answer yes here, if you want the job. Your interviewer wants to see how invested you are, how far you are willing to go and how hard you will work. Show them you will be available when and if needed, but it’s important to discuss the details once you have started. If you have children or other commitments, discuss them up front so you avoid any potential issues later if something conflicts. E.g. If you are separated and you get the kids every 2nd weekend, let your employer know this so they are aware that you don’t want to eat in to this important time with your family.

This one isn’t a hard one, but I wouldn’t just say “yes”. Don’t blab on for too long, but have a short discussion on it. 

E.g. I welcome any opportunity to help the business where needed outside of the usual hours. I am looking for a good work life balance, but from the sounds of it that’s what you offer. I put in the hard yards and am happy to stay back or start earlier, work a weekend here or there. Just to be up front – I love my family time, so as long as I get a good balance between my work and personal life I am happy!

This one is in the bag, lovelies!

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