Question 20/31: Are you willing to travel?

Hey Lovelies,

Usually you would well and truly know if the job included any travel or the potential for travel by the job ad. So obviously if it outlines travel and you AREN’T willing to travel – I suggest not applying for the job! 

There are many times however where a need to travel may arise that wasn’t initially planned for, or in order to assist during a busy time. Therefore it might not be laid out in the job ad when applying. 

This might seem like a simple question, but there are so many factors. Do you have a family? Weekend commitments? A second job? Do you have pets? This is the time to discuss it, because if the need arises you don’t want to be seen to be turning down opportunities without your employer understanding why. 

If you can, the option for travel within an organisation is a great opportunity. It could lead to new experiences for one, but most of all it could lead to future development in the business. 

It’s best to outline what you are comfortable with!

E.g. If you have a family but your partner works weekends then travel last minute might not be an option, but with a bit of advanced notice you can arrange it to work. If you are a single parent with no family who can watch your kids then travel might not be possible. If you have on outside work commitments and can travel at short notice or frequently when needed. All of this is important to discuss so you are both on the same page!

Don’t be afraid of travel, it can be so exciting! I had never had the opportunity to travel for work in previous jobs or positions until about 3 years ago. I started attending expo’s / home show’s in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney & Melbourne. We had about 10 a year and we would be gone for about 5-6 days at a time. While it was mostly work, work, work, we got to do our own thing too – see the sights, try new restaurants, etc. It was amazing and I wouldn’t take any of it back.

Not only was it fun & exciting but I learnt so much more about our business, about the staff I travelled with and gained valuable experience. Be willing to open yourself up to new opportunities like travel, it can open so many amazing doors for you!

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