Question 21/31: What do you like to do outside of work?

Hey Lovelies,

This one is great! Not so difficult or “professional”. This one is about you! Here your interviewer wants to find out more about you as a person. What makes you tick? What are your values? They want to understand you and find out more about who you truly are. 

Keep in mind, they aren’t looking for a novel here. Keep that in mind and don’t get too deep and personal. Don’t mention anything that may reflect poorly on your character or values, or that may have a negative impact on your ability to do the job.

Keep it fun. 

It’s good to be honest about your hobbies. Yes, it might be cool to choose something unusual but if it isn’t true then it’s just going to get you in an awkward position later on. Be yourself, and be honest. They are just looking to find out more about you, to determine what you are like as a person not only outside the workplace but what it will be like to work with you. 

So! Do you play sports? Do you enjoy travelling? Do you like working out? Dancing? Movies? Beach? Family? Video games? Pets? Riding motorcycles? Hiking? Reading? Writing? Cooking? TV? Puzzles? Board games? Collecting items?

Me? This would be my answer:

I am a home bug, I love spending time at home with my fiance, our daughter and our two little dogs! Hanging out watching a movie or tv show rugged up on the couch is what I call a great Friday night. My partner taught me how to ride dirt bikes, I am still really new at it but it’s great fun and gets me out of my comfort zone! I am sure we will get my daughter on a bike when she is old enough! haha. Then there is the usual spending time with friends, eating out & reading. 

Simple, light & shows a lot about my character. You don’t hear me talking about drinking alocohol, partying all night, gambling or anything like that. I don’t want to give them the impression I am unreliable or a total party animal who is going to call in sick on Monday. Not only do I show my family and personal side, but I show how I am pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone as well – something they will value. 

Try not to answer with super basics like “Reading, writing & going to the beach.” Come onnnn – amp it up girl. Tell it like a story, don’t tell it like you are reading it off a piece of paper. How you answer this question shows just as much about you as what you say. 

Love your life as it is, even if it might seem simple – everyone leads a different life and everyone appreciates things differently. Own it, love it! 

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