Question 22/31: How do you handle pressure?

Hey Lovelies,

So this question relates to pressure and stress, something we ALL can relate to even if we don’t like to admit it. Let go of that, because your interviewer doesn’t want to hear that you don’t get stressed or ever feel under pressure – because we know that we all do at one point or another.

What your interviewer is trying to uncover is how you manage under pressure or stress, whether you have any strategies for handling it and how it will affect their business.

It’s a good idea here to use an example from your past experiences to show how you did under pressure or in a stressful situation. Telling someone something is one thing, talking about an actual experience is another.

Things to remember:
1. Don’t mention a time where you got yourself in to the stressful situation
2. Highlight a time where you were given a tight deadline, an overload of tasks or were dropped in the deep end on a task.
3. Show how you stopped to think and assess your situation
4. Show how you identified the best course of action
5. Show how you handled the situation
6. Mention what you learnt from the experience
7. Don’t point out just how stressed you were or that it bothered you
8. Don’t highlight an example that relates to the job you are applying for
9. Be confident, don’t invite them to doubt your confidence

This one is about balance, you don’t want to give off that you never feel pressure or stressed but you also don’t want to have your interviewers think you will be consumed by it either.

E.g. I don’t mind a bit of pressure and stress, it can be a great tool and motivator. I enjoy the challenges in my job, so if it were always a piece of cake there would be no excitement and satisfaction from what you achieve and accomplish. I have worked on projects with tight deadlines or in circumstances that were unavoidable but it’s only made me enjoy my job more by giving me something to learn from and gain experience in different and sometimes complicated situations. 

Embrace what pressure and stress can do for you, just manage it the right way lovelies.

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