Question 24/31: How do you deal with problems?

Hey Lovelies,

Dealing with problems is a part of any job. It’s a part of every day life, yet we always find a way to come out of it. Hopefully you find a way to come out on top, but getting through problems can teach you so much if you let it.

You might not even know how you deal with problems if you have never really thought about it before. Best to not go in unprepared on this one, take some time to sit down and think about problems you have faced and how you dealt with them.

You can reflect on personal or work problems, but I suggest preparing some examples as well. If you do prepare examples make sure you focus on discussing work related examples instead of personal ones. While it is a great achievement and is important to you the interviewer wants to see how you deal with issues that may arise in their workplace and not how you might have dealt with your kids, family or home life issues.

Jot down your notes on how you handled your problems, do a few so you can really assess the process you follow. Even if you don’t follow a good process, this exercise will help you learn where you can improve on and therefore going in to the interview you can answer effectively instead of poorly and leading them to crossing you off their short list.

One thing my dad taught me is never to focus on the problem and to always focus on the solution. This has been my affirmation since he told me about it, so now each time a problem arises I sit back and say to myself:

Don’t worry about the problem, let’s find the solution. What is the solution?

This is a great tool to use lovelies, because if you focus too much on the problem itself you might not find the solution! Sometimes it is right in front of you. Show your interviewer that no obstacle will get in your way and you will find a way around it.

5 points to remember:

  1. Be confident
  2. Every problem has a solution
  3. Stay calm & rational
  4. Break it down
  5. Brainstorm

These points can help you solve your problem, so determine what your process is and learn it! If a problem arises between now and your interview then give it a go and assess the situation afterwards to see how you went.

Don’t think of problems in a negative way, think of them as challenges that help you grow as a person and give you invaluable experience lovelies.



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