Question 26/31: Who is your role model?

Hey Lovelies,

My gosh the amount of people I have seen come totally unstuck on this question because they weren’t prepared for it. Um’s and ah’s and a look of total horror and uncertainty as to how to answer this question on the spot.

Not a lot of people really know who their role model is – or just don’t have one. My role model is my dad, not just because he is my dad either. He is honestly one of the best people I know, truly honest and someone who really cares about other people. He has so much knowledge and experience which I am lucky enough to have learnt from, so without a doubt he is my role model. I wouldn’t need to prepare for this because I have known this since forever.

If you are in the same boat, then you my lovely are one step closer to getting the job!

If you aren’t sure, then time to sit down and have a think. Who inspires you? Who do you admire? Who do you think of when you think of success? Who have you learnt from? It doesn’t have to be someone you know either, a role model is someone who makes you want to be a better person through leading by example.

Maybe it’s your mum, dad, brother or sister. Maybe it’s your colleague or your previous boss. Maybe it’s the CEO of the company you are applying for. Maybe it’s a celebrity. 

Don’t just think of who though, you need to think of why they are your role model too. If you just blurt out “My colleague, Mary Jones” I am going to follow up with the question “Why?”. Don’t let them ask you why, make sure you tell them why within your answer.

It’s also important to actually know about the person you are referencing as your role model. If you come out with Kim Kardashian, because she is amazing… then girl you have got to stop watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Make sure you know who your role model is, what they are really about. If you do choose someone famous, make sure it’s for a good reason – like they run a certain charity, raise awareness for an illness, or they help people.

For most it is someone they know who has directly impacted your life either by instilling you with good values and their overall positive outlook. Find who this person is to you, then you pretty much have your answer! Jot it down, keep thinking about it. This one should really come from the heart.

It’s great to also let this person know (if you can!) how much they have impacted your life. Any chance I get, I love to let my dad know just how much he has done for me that he has no idea about.

Seek, and you shall find lovelies.

Blog end


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