Question 27/31: Would you hire yourself for this position?

Hey Lovelies,

Oh my lovelies, I hope you do not get asked this question. It’s such a bummer of a question to ask, and unfortunately I have been asked it a couple of times. *Sighs*. This question is one to really stump you, and even if you prepare it still might. Try not to let it, this is where confidence is great.

I was applying for a position out of my league but with my current employer and was interviewed by the board. One of the members asked me this question, so I answered honestly and said no. I think I shocked them, I have a laugh when I think about it now but it really frustrated me being asked this question. I said:

If it were me I would want to hire the best of the best for any job and I am sure there is always going to be someone better than me out there. But are they applying for this job? Are they in the salary bracket I am willing to pay? Are they working for someone else?

It was a risky way to answer and luckily it didn’t cost me the job. 

I don’t advise you answer no to this question, this one is a doozy. This is where you need to refer to your strengths and weaknesses together. You want the job, so you should be answering yes and explaining why.

How do your strengths and weaknesses fit in to the job and the business? Yes, don’t just look at the job today! Look at the bigger picture, birds eye view, especially if you want to progress at some stage.

E.g. I wouldn’t apply for a position that I wouldn’t hire myself in, I believe it is a waste of valuable time not only for myself but for the company I am applying for a position with. It only makes sense to apply for something that is going to be mutually beneficial, and with my experience, skills and overall drive I believe to be the right fit not only for this position but in the business as a whole. Sure, I have my weaknesses but doesn’t everyone? I make sure to consistently learn and see how I can improve myself so if there were any reason of doubt for me hiring myself for this job I wouldn’t have applied in the first place. 

This shows your confidence, your maturity and your insight in to how you want to benefit their business as well as yourself.

Yeah girl, you got this.



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