Question 28/31: Are you a leader or a follower?

Hey Lovelies,

Put your hand up if you thought “leader” when you read this question? You might think that is the right answer… but think again! Now you are thinking, but I am not just a follower… Well, that wouldn’t be the right answer either.

But wait, what?

Yes lovelies, this one is a trick question. Your interviewer doesn’t want one or the other, they want to know you can be versatile and adapt depending on your position, what path your future may lead you down, how you would be if you were a project leader or just in the project team. So much to consider!

So this is where you want to show that you can be both, a leader and a follower. Even if your job doesn’t require you to be a leader, it’s great to show that this is possible. This can lead to great opportunities down the track. You don’t want to lose out just because you didn’t answer an interview question the right way… Amiright?

Things to remember: 

1. Don’t choose one over the other
Don’t focus your answer on one more than the other
Balance the two skills
Provide examples of where you took direction and followed instructions
Provide examples of where you took charge and accepted responsibilities
Show your capable of identifying whether or not you are the right person to lead or follow when the need arises

E.g. I have been both a leader and a follower in the past, I pride myself on having the capacity to adapt within an organisation to their needs. There have been times where I have assisted in projects or lead projects if my skills were the most suited. I have also had the opportunity to step in during my managers absence in the past without it affecting the relationship with my colleagues as I can easily step between the two roles. 

The interviewer wants to make sure you can adapt and meet the needs of the business, no matter what they are. They want insight in to how you may be positioned in the future within their business. You can do yourself a favour by showing them your value and your versatility.

Don’t limit yourself, lovelies you can do whatever your heart desires.




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