Question 29/31: Tell me about a time you disagreed with your boss

Hey Lovelies,

We all disagree with our friends, family, colleagues and even our boss at some point. Your interviewer might ask this question to see how you handle yourself if this happens whilst you are working for them. 

Your interviewer wants to know that you wont cross the line but are capable of having your own opinion, especially if you have an idea that may be better than your that of your boss.

Do you appreciate authority and have the right communication skills to handle it the right way?

A lot of the time it isn’t about the fact you disagree with your boss, it’s about how you handle it and what you say. There is certainly no way out of this question, no one will get away with answering “I have never disagreed with my boss” – and if you do answer this question like that it will lead them to thinking you are just a follower who won’t have the guys to speak up when they should, and could damage the possible future career and progression in the company.

You’re going to need to think of a time where this has happened, and discuss it with your interviewer. Obviously this needs to be thought through and well prepared. Your answer might need to be manipulated to ensure you tick all their boxes.

Ideally, you want an example of where you remained professional, put forward your opinion or alternative idea appropriately, listened to the feedback & let your boss take it from there. You want to show that although they had a great idea, perhaps there is a better solution, and although you have brought forward this alternative idea you respect their final call and will support that no matter what. If they took on your idea and implemented that, then explain your gratitude. If they didn’t, and went ahead with their own plan then explain how you showed your support. 

Ultimately, they want to see that if this happens while working for them you handle it the way they need and want to suit their company culture and expectations. Whatever the case lovelies, you’ll do great.



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