Question 30/31: What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Hey Lovelies,

This is a great question! Why? Because you get the opportunity to not only talk about how amazing you are but you get to show them with your achievements. What you have achieved, and how you feel about your achievements can speak volumes about who you are… I mean who you really are. 

There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it, take pride in what you do each day and celebrate your wins – even the small ones!

Have you won any awards? Completed any courses or degrees? Handle a challenging file or project at work? Did you bring in revenue to your employers business? Did you implement new ideas that changed a business for the better? Do your team mates turn to you for help? 

Are you struggling to think of something? Relax, we all accomplish things – it’s just how we view what an accomplishment is, so dig deep and have a think about the times you have felt proud, received recognition or achieved a goal. It doesn’t “have” to be work related, it can be personal but it might be more appropriate to use a work related example.

When I feel accomplished, achieve a goal or receive recognition for hard work I do a little happy dance because it feels amazing. Who doesn’t like hitting a home run? I am not a big fan of attention on me, at times I struggle when I am put on the spot but I have learnt to accept when I do well, and in fact celebrate it! You should too.

I strongly suggest telling your interviewer about your accomplishment in a story like answer instead of just “I completed a big project that took 6 weeks of non-stop work”. How you answer a question (I mean, the enthusiasm, sparks and body language displayed) plays a huge part as well.

When I get asked this question, this is how I answer:

I am super proud that when I was in high school I went in a cooking competition. Hospitality was my favourite subject, and I think because I did it for fun it meant so much more when I received a medal. Not just a medal for participating but because one of the dishes made was a winner. Out of hundreds of other students I got a medal, it was a bronze, and I loved it. I still have it! And I love to tell people about it because I am proud of this moment. It’s especially funny because my fiancé basically does all of our cooking at home and my dad constantly laughs that I am the one who won a medal but never cook at home haha. 

Find something you are proud of, and tell your story. Tell it as if you were telling a child a fairytale, with enthusiasm and confidence. Maybe leave out the cute voices though.. haha!




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