Hey Lovelies,

Do you love to chit chat and share your weekend stories or maybe there is a little miss chatterbox in the office that you often get stuck with? Either way, it can totally bring you unstuck if you get caught talking, or even just be seen talking too often or for too long. You would be surprised what can get back to your supervisors without you knowing it! 

We all love to have a chat, well… most of us! But it can be really hard to keep that at bay during work hours. Especially if your work bestie and you have different break times! You just want to fill them in on your amazing night or weekend but having a good old chat in the middle of the office is NOT the best idea. Neither would sneaking off to the break room or somewhere quiet if it isn’t the right time to do that.

There are seriously eyes everywhere and you can be caught out and have those invisible marks placed against your file which will be remembered when it comes to your performance reviews, pay reviews and promotion opportunities. 

I used to be such a chatterbox in the office before I really “cared” about my job. The work was so boring and I just wasn’t challenged so I just wanted to do something more interesting. When I realised I was interrupting other people and their work and thought of how it was reflecting only on myself I made an effort to make a change. 

Depending on your industry you will get a few breaks through the day, see what you can do to get a break time with some work mates! Not only will that mean you get a chance to chat, it will improve staff morale in the office as no one wants to be in a boring quiet office and never be able to socialise – I mean, yuck!

It’s all about balance!

It’s a double edged sword where you don’t want to be seen chit chatting too much but you also don’t want to be seen as someone who never interacts or socialises with the rest of the team. Gosh, so many hoops to jump through! 

Tips for you lovelies:

1)  Limit your office chats to a few minutes
No more than once or twice a day outside of your breaks
If it is work related and doesn’t stray off work topics then you have far more leniency, chat away but only relevant topics!
Chat to your work besties before work, after work, during lunch breaks or coffee breaks.
Organise break times with your work besties
If you are on a different break schedule with your work besties, try to swap your lunch break once a week so you can hang out
Always have a reason to cut off a chatterbox if it starts to go on and on, e.g. you have a client on a call that you need to get back to, you were on your way to the bathroom & need to get going, or just a plain and simple I have to get back to work but we can continue this chat at break time.

Show your colleagues and supervisors you have the maturity to interact with your team mates but you also know to keep it balanced and when to get back to work! Because you are in control of your career and life! 

Love Sarah xxx


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