Them: Hi There
Me: Oh, hello!
Them: So, did it hurt?
Me: Did what hurt?
Them: When you fell from heaven!
Me: *Awkward silence*

Ok, so not quite the type of icebreaker I am referring to.. but come on that was pretty funny, even if it’s super cheesy hahaha. And Modern Family totally cracks me up – love it.

So you’re new at work, or maybe you’re at a networking event and just don’t quite know how to get yourself out there. I’ve been there, it can be so daunting! But have no fear because I’ve got some tips for you! And even some example lines or icebreakers you can keep up your sleeve.

For starters first impressions count, big time. If you want someone to remember you then make sure you are well presented and be confident. One thing people always told me was fake it til you make it, so if you are like me who stresses or gets anxious about meeting new people then just fake it! No one will notice. Then you’ll master it and won’t have to fake it anymore. It get’s easier, trust me. 

Without further ado:

Icebreaker_ Blog InfographicYou really don’t need many to get yourself going. Get chatting and network your way to the top ladies! And let me know if you have any killer icebreakers that you use!

Love Sarah xxx



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