14 ways to get NOTICED 🙋🏼‍♀️

Hey Lovelies,

Wanting to get noticed at work? I threw together a list of some things that are sure to get you noticed, in a good way!

1. Always dress to impress. Even on casual days. Of course you can be more chill but still make sure you’re well presented. Appearances, as much as it shouldn’t, makes a huge impact.

2. Remember key points about your clients, or even better go out of your way to help them even if it has nothing to do with your work or your job.

3. You found out your boss is in hospital, send some flowers or even just a get well card. Or organise for the office, or your team to get flowers and a card collectively. Team effort!

4. Always look at how your work could be done better, and ask others too. Imagine if you cut down on costs or increased productivity or profits from a few small tweaks? All thanks to you!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for more work, or if you can help others. Be mindful that you are on top of your current work load though! It won’t work if you let go of all your responsibilities!

6. Always ask at the end of a phone call if there is anything else they need or if you can help them with anything else.

7. Never, and I mean never, pass the blame. Regardless of who or how, own it and handle it. You represent the business, so show them you got skills!

8. Don’t take away credit from someone else, even if it is yours to begin with. While frustrating, it just isn’t going to help.

9. Don’t focus on the problem at hand, focus on how to sort it out and find the right solutions. If you never problem solve and always focus on problems it will be difficult for progression opportunities.

10. Tell someone when they’ve done a good job, praise and recognition for hard work is always appreciated and remembered.

11. Start a bit earlier and finish a bit later when you can. Don’t always rush out the door as soon as it’s 5pm or the end of your shift.

12. If something urgent comes in a few moments before you are meant to finish for the day, stay and finish it instead of just leaving it for the following day.

13. Always have a quiet but strong and confident phone manner. You want to exude confidence but not overdo it and be too loud for everyone in the office around you.

14. Learn from your mistakes. Everyone gets so embarrassed, upset, angry or otherwise when they make a mistake. While it’s not favourable to continually make the same mistake – what’s best is to learn from the mistakes you make. No one successful got there by getting everything right never making a mistake!

If you want to get noticed you need to focus your attention on the important areas. You, your colleagues, your clients, your boss & the company. Don’t get caught up in the small petty things, it’s just not worth your time.

There are many different ways you can stand out from the crowd and it will be different for everyone and every workplace. Whatever you do, make sure you are happy and confident in yourself and your work!

I’d love to hear any other ways you get noticed at work, so lovelies hit me up and share!

Love Sarah xxx


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