🎄Christmas: Office Gift Guide 🎁 

Hey Lovelies!

So you want to get your boss or co-workers a gift for Christmas? That’s awesome! It can be so hard at times so I thought I’d put together a few tips for you when it comes to giving gifts at work!

Firstly, it’s best to check if your workplace has any policies around gifts in the workplace. Sometimes it’s not allowed, or there are guidelines around it such as maximum value or the type of gift it can be. Best to be sure and check what policies (if any) exist, and if you aren’t sure then just ask someone!

Next would be to think about who you are gifting and why. Are you working in a team of 3 people and only getting one person a gift? How will that make your other team members feel? It might be best to handle that one outside of work so you maintain good relationships amongst your teammates. Or are you getting your boss something to say thank you for everything they’ve done for you this year?

Now you want to think of the value and type of gift. It’s so important not to go overboard with how much you spend, there’s really no need to exceed a $50 spend – even that can seem like too much depending on the gift. You also want to make sure it is an appropriate gift – no “naughty” presents as this could go so terribly wrong! Something relevant! See my list of workplace gift ideas here.

Another great option is to collectively get a gift with your teammates, it can mean a greater value gift without as many issues as it is from multiple people not just yourself and it gets your team together instead of leaving them out of it.

Something to consider is if you do a secret Santa in the office! You don’t want to be double gifting or overstepping if there is already a system for gift giving in the office. It can still be done, just be considerate of what’s already in place.

I hope you all have a perfect Christmas! 🎄🥂

Love Sarah xxx 💁🏼♥️


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