Christmas Party! Do’s… and Don’ts! 

Hey Lovelies,

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! I feel as each year passes they just get faster and faster. And now we are coming up to December or otherwise known as the 🎄❄️Christmas🎁🥂season!

What comes with Christmas is work Christmas parties or events, yay! I honestly LOVE work Christmas parties. Any time you get to hang out with your colleagues (even better if it’s on the bosses dime – who wouldn’t love that?!).

So I thought I’d share a few do’s and don’ts for work Christmas functions… because damn girl we all know how it can get! 💃🏼🍾

1. Don’t get off your face drunk, because everyone knows it can lead to way too many embarrassing things that you will just want to forget!

2. Dress for the occasion! So it’s Christmas, but it’s not stripmas. There is a time to be half naked and your work Christmas party isn’t one of those times. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sexy outfit but just keep it in check!

3. Don’t leave the minute the bar tab ends. Your boss is still going to notice what their employees are doing – stick around or buy another drink once the tab ends. Appreciation is super important!

4. On the appreciation note, do take the time to chat to your boss, and all upper management. Work events are a perfect opportunity to talk to upper management that you would otherwise never have a “reason” to chat to them. They are likely to ask about you or remember you later! Plus not many people think to say thank you. It’s nice to be appreciated, so show you appreciate your boss hosting the event.

5. Offer to buy your boss a drink to say thank you for a great year.

6. Don’t let people drink drive home, within your power of course. Offer to call a cab or Uber, or if you are driving and it’s not a hassle drop them home.

7. Do have a great time and relax! It’s not every day you’re with your work mates and don’t have to do any work!

8. Don’t talk all about work! And certainly don’t whinge or complain about work either.

9. Bring your partner along if they’re invited! It’s a great chance for your partner to meet and mingle with your colleagues and boss.

10. Don’t bring a friend or family member in place of your partner, it’s just not what your plus one is for!

So this list could go on forever, but we’ve covered the basics ladies. Got any great Christmas Party stories or horror stories to share? Let me know!

Enjoy the Christmas season babes!

Love Sarah xxx


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