About Her Career Collective

Taking a new opportunity from a thought to reality is what lead to Her Career Collective being established creating a community for the modern career woman working in the corporate world. Women can come together to communicate, empower, inspire, support, collaborate, and work together as well as educate and grow not only in their careers but in themselves too.

Her Career Collective was founded in 2017 by Sarah Knights upon the realisation that while there are many women taking the step up to running their own business or taking the leap into Entrepreneurship, many women still working in the corporate world lack the support and expertise to get them taking each step up the corporate ladder. Through Her Career Collective, Sarah’s vision is to build an empire of women who work together to take the on anything they set their mind to. 

Her Career Collective not only offers this community of women but also courses to become more educated on the corporate world. These courses are designed to tackle your goals, map out your career path and learn the skills required to climb the corporate ladder all while picking up little tips and tricks along the way. See what is on offer and what may help you get head in your career.

Sarah Knights

Sarah Knights


I want so much for the women in the world no matter where they are at in their lives. Women have a career, whether that is at work or at home – as a career women and mum myself I know this. I want to bring together women who can empower each other and help each other grow into better people.