🎄Christmas: Office Gift Guide 🎁 

🎄Christmas: Office Gift Guide 🎁 

Hey Lovelies!

So you want to get your boss or co-workers a gift for Christmas? That’s awesome! It can be so hard at times so I thought I’d put together a few tips for you when it comes to giving gifts at work!

Firstly, it’s best to check if your workplace has any policies around gifts in the workplace. Sometimes it’s not allowed, or there are guidelines around it such as maximum value or the type of gift it can be. Best to be sure and check what policies (if any) exist, and if you aren’t sure then just ask someone!

Next would be to think about who you are gifting and why. Are you working in a team of 3 people and only getting one person a gift? How will that make your other team members feel? It might be best to handle that one outside of work so you maintain good relationships amongst your teammates. Or are you getting your boss something to say thank you for everything they’ve done for you this year?

Now you want to think of the value and type of gift. It’s so important not to go overboard with how much you spend, there’s really no need to exceed a $50 spend – even that can seem like too much depending on the gift. You also want to make sure it is an appropriate gift – no “naughty” presents as this could go so terribly wrong! Something relevant! See my list of workplace gift ideas here.

Another great option is to collectively get a gift with your teammates, it can mean a greater value gift without as many issues as it is from multiple people not just yourself and it gets your team together instead of leaving them out of it.

Something to consider is if you do a secret Santa in the office! You don’t want to be double gifting or overstepping if there is already a system for gift giving in the office. It can still be done, just be considerate of what’s already in place.

I hope you all have a perfect Christmas! 🎄🥂

Love Sarah xxx 💁🏼♥️

7 no no topics for your work emails! 

7 no no topics for your work emails! 

Hey Lovelies,

A lot of people don’t realise that a company owns their email accounts, and all the emails / content of those accounts. Whaaaat?! Yep! You read that right the first time…

It is very possible that your email account gets monitored or has a system that identifies key words. Crazy right? But it’s all for good reason and no it’s not about watching everything you do. 

Not only that, but what you put down in writing cannot be taken back or can be taken in a totally different manner than it was intended. Imagine if someone forwarded that email on without your knowledge or to a supervisor that cost you a friendship, your job, or a promotion? It could even be as simple as someone walking past or seeing over someone’s shoulder what is on the screen. It’s soooo not worth it!

So here’s 7 no no’s for your work email:

7 No No's for your work emails_ Blog Graphic

If you happen to write anything that isn’t work related or professional on your emails I would think twice, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Have you experienced this or done this yourself? Share your stories with me, I’d love to hear from you!

Love Sarah xxx

14 ways to get NOTICED 🙋🏼‍♀️

14 ways to get NOTICED 🙋🏼‍♀️

Hey Lovelies,

Wanting to get noticed at work? I threw together a list of some things that are sure to get you noticed, in a good way!

1. Always dress to impress. Even on casual days. Of course you can be more chill but still make sure you’re well presented. Appearances, as much as it shouldn’t, makes a huge impact.

2. Remember key points about your clients, or even better go out of your way to help them even if it has nothing to do with your work or your job.

3. You found out your boss is in hospital, send some flowers or even just a get well card. Or organise for the office, or your team to get flowers and a card collectively. Team effort!

4. Always look at how your work could be done better, and ask others too. Imagine if you cut down on costs or increased productivity or profits from a few small tweaks? All thanks to you!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for more work, or if you can help others. Be mindful that you are on top of your current work load though! It won’t work if you let go of all your responsibilities!

6. Always ask at the end of a phone call if there is anything else they need or if you can help them with anything else.

7. Never, and I mean never, pass the blame. Regardless of who or how, own it and handle it. You represent the business, so show them you got skills!

8. Don’t take away credit from someone else, even if it is yours to begin with. While frustrating, it just isn’t going to help.

9. Don’t focus on the problem at hand, focus on how to sort it out and find the right solutions. If you never problem solve and always focus on problems it will be difficult for progression opportunities.

10. Tell someone when they’ve done a good job, praise and recognition for hard work is always appreciated and remembered.

11. Start a bit earlier and finish a bit later when you can. Don’t always rush out the door as soon as it’s 5pm or the end of your shift.

12. If something urgent comes in a few moments before you are meant to finish for the day, stay and finish it instead of just leaving it for the following day.

13. Always have a quiet but strong and confident phone manner. You want to exude confidence but not overdo it and be too loud for everyone in the office around you.

14. Learn from your mistakes. Everyone gets so embarrassed, upset, angry or otherwise when they make a mistake. While it’s not favourable to continually make the same mistake – what’s best is to learn from the mistakes you make. No one successful got there by getting everything right never making a mistake!

If you want to get noticed you need to focus your attention on the important areas. You, your colleagues, your clients, your boss & the company. Don’t get caught up in the small petty things, it’s just not worth your time.

There are many different ways you can stand out from the crowd and it will be different for everyone and every workplace. Whatever you do, make sure you are happy and confident in yourself and your work!

I’d love to hear any other ways you get noticed at work, so lovelies hit me up and share!

Love Sarah xxx



Them: Hi There
Me: Oh, hello!
Them: So, did it hurt?
Me: Did what hurt?
Them: When you fell from heaven!
Me: *Awkward silence*

Ok, so not quite the type of icebreaker I am referring to.. but come on that was pretty funny, even if it’s super cheesy hahaha. And Modern Family totally cracks me up – love it.

So you’re new at work, or maybe you’re at a networking event and just don’t quite know how to get yourself out there. I’ve been there, it can be so daunting! But have no fear because I’ve got some tips for you! And even some example lines or icebreakers you can keep up your sleeve.

For starters first impressions count, big time. If you want someone to remember you then make sure you are well presented and be confident. One thing people always told me was fake it til you make it, so if you are like me who stresses or gets anxious about meeting new people then just fake it! No one will notice. Then you’ll master it and won’t have to fake it anymore. It get’s easier, trust me. 

Without further ado:

Icebreaker_ Blog InfographicYou really don’t need many to get yourself going. Get chatting and network your way to the top ladies! And let me know if you have any killer icebreakers that you use!

Love Sarah xxx


Work Perks

Work Perks

Hey Lovelies,

So at work we are looking at what perks we can introduce, and it got me thinking what other businesses do! What perks do you get at your workplace?

You might not even realise it but you could be getting so much more out of your workplace or employers than you think. A business should put employees first, but a lot of the time they tend to get lost in the pecking line when it comes to their priorities – and often not on purpose.

Whether you already get great perks or not, don’t be afraid to put your hand up and make some suggestions! After all, happy staff mean more productivity. What business doesn’t want that?? haha.

Here are some suggestions you might consider putting forward at your workplace:

1. Unlimited Leave
2. Onsite Childcare / Childcare Rebates
3. Parking Rebates
4. Play Room / Creative Spaces
5. Free Food, Drink and Coffee
6. Flexible Work Hours
7. RDO’s
8. Staff discounts or product samples
9. Birthday Leave
10. Travel opportunities
11. Staff Social Club
12. Relaxed Dress Code
13. Professional Development
14. Mentoring
15. Learning Opportunities
16. Gym membership or onsite gym
17. Laundry services /rebate
18. Office Massages
19. Googles 20% time program
20. Bring your pet to work days
21. Networking opportunities
22. Transport options
23. Extended Maternity leave
24. Matching Pay while on Maternity Leave
25. Bathrooms with showers

This is just ones I have thought of and I am sure there are so many more that I am missing. 

One thing I have always wanted in my workplace is a play room / creative space. Somewhere you can go to wind down after a stressful day or even a difficult call with a client or such. Somewhere to hang out with colleagues and get away from it all for a little while. 

I love a company that invests in its staff, so if yours doesn’t maybe you can make some suggestions and see where it gets you. 

Love Sarah xxx