Her Career Collective

I launched Her Career Collective in mid 2017 while on Maternity Leave from my fathers family business. Ultimately I came to a point in my life where I figured out that as a female in the workplace there is not a lot of support in the world. I don’t mean feminist support in male dominating workplaces – no. I mean everything I see and read is about women who want to run their own business, become an entrepreneur – conquer the world.

I just thought of all the women in the world that want a career, not a job that they hate – a home where it doesn’t feel like work. Somewhere to dominate and own it as a wicked woman kicking goals every day in their job. To accomplish and achieve greatness – not everyone wants to or has to run a business or be an entrepreneur to be happy and successful. For those that do, I love it – go for it! But for the rest of us ladies in business this is for you!

I cover anything I can when it comes to the workplace, not only from an employer but also from an employee – a true perspective, a story told from both sides.

It can be anything from how to answer interview questions to how to ask interview questions, making a career change, maternity leave, negotiating a pay increase, relationships with your colleagues and your superiors, and that’s just off the top of my head!

Not only do I cover these topics but I also put together awesome tools for you to use in your workplace and job whether it be a template for your resume or cover letter, a to do list or work management templates, etc.

I want so much for the women in the world no matter where you are at in your life. You have a career, whether that is at work or at home – as a career women and mum myself I know this. I want to bring together women who can empower each other and help each other grow in to better people. Do you have skills or knowledge that can help someone else? Perfect! Share this with me, we can share this with women everywhere to help them. Come together with me to empower and inspire women everywhere.